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Last updated - 23 Dec 2018

Getting There

I received my commission through the OTS program at Lackland AFB. Here are a few photos from that time. The Cleveland photos are when my brother left for the Army. Thought the ramp photos were interesting.

I went through pilot training at Moody AFB in south Georgia. I was there between Oct 1967 to Dec 1968. From there I went to basic survival training at Fairclild AFB WA in early 1969. The snow was so deep we marched direct to the POW camp. Completing that, I went to Sewart AFB in TN for C130 training. I believe I was in one of the last long RTU courses. I know I was fustrated as IP getting new people who did know much about the aircraft. Some broke, call maintenance. Completing training I returned to Fairchild for another round of survival training. Completing that, off to Clark AB for jungle survival training. Then over to CCK.


  • Hvy Equip drop - Ie Jima OK - 02/1972
  • F4 arriving - Kadena OK - 02/1972
  • RC135 - Kadena OK - 02/1972
  • Ie Jima - Okinawa - 02/1972 - CCT drop zone
  • Ie Jima - Okinawa - 02/1972 - CCT drop zone
  • SR71 - Kadena OK - 02/1972


    As a break from Vietnam, crews were sent to spport Navy/Coast Guard civic action teams on small islands in Micronesia. The crews operated out of NAS Agana (now the commerical airport) on Guam. On this TDY we landed in YAP, Ponape and possibly others. We had to stay over night in Ponape in order to meet a TOA for an airdrop to Kusaie. The island was too small for a runway so the drops were in the water at low tide.

    PDM Flights

    Another of the prize flights were to take a broken aircraft back to the US. You would get a month off and then return a "good" aircraft back. Both of my returning flights were delayed a week so had time to visit the area around the departure locations.

    On the first PDM aircraft, my crew were passengers back to the US. The aircraft departed from Naha, where there was a corresion control facility.

    The first was departing from St Petersburg FL. Got to visit several attractions in the area in the week waiting for the aircraft.

    I actually had two PDM flights during my four years at CCK. On the first flight I met my future wife on a blind date. A year later, on the second PDM flight we got engaged. Six months later I returned (via C130 to Kadena, C141 to Alaska, C130A to Chicago) and we got married and returned to Taiwan. Judy was in Taiwan for a year before we returned to Little Rock.

    Eastbound, 1st PDM - Had to wait until the aircraft was ready.

    Westbound, 1st PDM

    Since we had a week, we rented a car and drove to Kennedy Space Center. As miliary we were given a special tour. The Saturn V was getting ready for a flight to the moon. I forgot we got inside the Vehicle Assemby building.

    Returning to CCK with aircraft from PDM - 1st PDM

    Returning to CCK with 2nd aircraft from PDM. Waiting at McClellan AFB for new engine. The crew went exploring.

    Returning to CCK with wife via commerical 747.